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From the time he was young, Greg Welch loved to explore homes. As he perused a structure in progress or completed, he thought of many things—the people who lived there, what their lives were like, what they did for fun and leisure. Later, Greg studied under true master carpenters, designers and builders, learning the trade from the pros from the inside out. Today, Greg has been creating beautiful, finely crafted homes for real families for nearly two decades. His commitment to quality building still begins and ends with an interest in the people who live in his homes—people who are also his friends and neighbors.

People-Centric Homes

Greg Welch believes that our homes are an essential part of our lives. The house we choose can affect everything—how we live and think and play. Greg and his design team create homes uniquely crafted for the people who live in them. Every building process begins with the needs, desires and lifestyle of the family, couple or individual who will inhabit the home. Even if a house is built on spec, there is a specific theme in mind. Young Family. Empty Nesters. Retiring Couple. Newlyweds. All decisions spin off from there. One bedroom or three? Playroom or media room? Kitchen nook or formal dining room? From layout to landscaping to colors to cabinetry, Greg Welch crafts beautiful, well-planned homes for real people.

Enduring Craftmanship

What you don’t see does matter. Greg Welch believes a home should be assembled slowly, carefully and lastingly. The process starts with thoughtful planning. Placement of a home on a lot, the direction windows face, the layout of rooms, the way lighting is installed in a kitchen—all of these details contribute to a home that pleases its residents for years to come. Using better building products like kiln-dried lumber, thicker wall sheeting and sturdy windows makes the home stronger and more enduring. Attention to detail in finish carpentry makes a home not that is not just more beautiful but is truly a classic—strong, stylish and built to last. Careful work doesn’t necessarily show up right away, but it makes a great deal of difference to Greg Welch. He knows that in the long run, quality is what sets a home apart.

Green Building

The standard has changed. People want to know that their home is healthy and sustainable, not just beautiful and affordable. Greg Welch believes that, in fact, all of these concepts comprise the idea of green building. Green is more than eco-friendly—it’s about creating lasting products that are still affordable, it’s about contributing to the vibrancy and productivity of a community. Using proper building practices ensures a well-built home that is constructed more efficiently, creates less waste, lasts longer, and contributes to the sustainability of the community. Employing local contractors who have longstanding reputations for high quality work ensures good building practices and supports the local economy. Each Greg Welch home is built to the Energy Star level of the Earth Advantage program. That difference shows up in so many ways, from a home’s health to its enduring beauty.


Greg Welch builds in the neighborhoods of Bend’s Westside, each lovely and coveted but with its own specific character. Before a single tree is removed from a lot, Welch and his team walk the land, envisioning the perfect home to accentuate and blend with the natural space allotted, as well as fit seamlessly into the neighborhood in which it sits. Whether building in the innovative mixed-use neighborhood NorthWest Crossing, or in the golf community of Tetherow bordering the Deschutes National Forest, Greg matches each home to its natural surroundings and melds it perfectly to the specific feel and flavor of the neighborhood. Wherever on Bend’s Westside you choose to live, Greg Welch can craft the home of your dreams.

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