Q. Where is Discovery West?
A. Discovery West is in Bend Oregon, located just west of NorthWest Crossing and east of The Tree Farm. This 245-acre property is located north of Skyliners Road and convenient to schools, shopping, dining and businesses in nearby NorthWest Crossing.


Q. Who are the developers of Discovery West?
A. NWX 2 LLC is an Oregon Limited Liability Company that was formed to develop the property. Partners in NWX2 are the same as those who developed NorthWest Crossing.  Read more in about the Developer.


Q. What is the history of the land?
A. When the big pine mills moved to town in the early 1900s, this property was one of the first be to logged. In 1955, Bill Miller (Miller Lumber) purchased the property from a sheep rancher who had owned it since the 1920s. NWX 2 LLC purchased the land in 2016.


Q. Is Discovery West in the City of Bend?
A. Yes, this property was included as an expansion area in the 2016 Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) process. It will be annexed into the city limits concurrent with master plan approval in 2019. Read more about Bend Oregon


Q. What is the vision for Discovery West?
A. When the Discovery West property was brought into the UGB, the City of Bend set parameters on how it could be developed. Based on those parameters, we developed a plan that envisions a neighborhood with diverse housing types, 40 acres of parkland and open space (an extension of Discovery Park in NorthWest Crossing) and lots of connectivity, both for vehicles and those on foot or bike. The neighborhood will be developed based upon a transect concept, meaning housing will become less dense toward the west, where county and forest service land meets the city limits.


Q. How many homes will be in Discovery West upon completion?
A. Per the City’s required maximums, Discovery West will not exceed 650 dwelling units. That breaks down to 448 single-family homesites, 60 attached single-family (i.e. townhomes, cottages) and 142 multi-family units (i.e. apartments, condos, tri-plex, 6-plex, etc.). We are required to develop at least 90% of the specified maximum dwelling units.


Q. Will Discovery West have an HOA?
A. Yes, Discovery West will have a Home Owners Association (HOA). The HOA will be responsible for maintaining common areas and amenities, as well as managing/enforcing wildfire mitigation measures. HOA dues have not yet been determined.


Q. Will there be CC&Rs?
A. Yes, protective Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) as well as Design Guidelines will be created and enforced for all property in Discovery West. There will be an Architectural & Landscape Review Committee (ALRC) that will work with owners and builders to ensure that certain standards will be met in order to maintain quality throughout the neighborhood. CCRs and Design Guidelines will be made available prior to the release of Phase 1.


Q. What steps are being taken to reduce the future threat of wildfire in the Discovery West neighborhood?
A. We are incorporating many wildfire mitigation measures into the development of Discovery West, including developing in the transect concept (where density decreases and there is more separation between homes as you proceed west toward the wildland urban interface), requiring greater side setbacks than in NorthWest Crossing, requirements for fire-resistant construction materials, and landscape requirements that reduce the risk of damage from wildfires. Compliance with mitigation measures will be managed by the Discovery West Home Owners Association (HOA). Our goal is to gain Firewise Community Status.


Q. Will Discovery West have commercial buildings? Where will they be?
A. Yes. Based on requirements set by the City of Bend, Discovery West will have 7 acres zoned limited commercial (CL) and 14 acres zoned mixed-employment (ME). We have chosen to locate the majority of this CL and ME along Skyliners Road, for easy transportation access. It also follows the development established in NorthWest Crossing with commercial buildings along Skyliners, such as Snap Fitness and Ruff Wear.


Q. How tall can commercial buildings be?
A. City of Bend code allows commercial limited (CL) zoned buildings to be up to 55’ and mixed-employment (ME) to be up to 45’. We currently plan to plat 1-2 acre lots, limiting the scale of the buildings, which will be subject ALRC standards. Additionally, the topography of this area slopes down, reducing the visual impact from Skyliners Road.


Q. Will there be any affordable housing in Discovery West?
A. As we’ve done in NorthWest Crossing, it’s quite possible we would work with local non-profits and affordable housing developers to offer affordable housing in Discovery West. While it’s too soon to speculate on the details, our intention is to have a diversity in housing types that will offer a spectrum of options on the affordability scale for Central Oregon families.


Q. What planned amenities/services will be in the neighborhood?
A. The most notable amenities will be parks and trails, owned and operated by Bend Park & Recreation District. Nearby shops, restaurants and businesses that call NorthWest Crossing home are valuable amenities for the future residents of Discovery West. Lastly, we are planning a community gathering space in the core of the mixed-housing along the future Skyline Ranch Road, which will be owned and managed by the HOA.


Q. When will homes in the first phase be ready for sale?
A. Summer 2020.


Q. Can I purchase a homesite?
A. Our intention is to have a team of builders that will purchase homesites and build custom and spec homes. Any remaining homesites that haven’t been purchased by builders will be available via the Central Oregon MLS.