Firewise USA


Our location in Bend, Oregon is enviably close to recreational opportunities in nearby forest lands. However, this location also comes with some responsibility. We are incorporating many wildfire mitigation measures into the development of Discovery West. The nature of the development uses the transect concept (where density decreases and there is more separation between homes as you proceed west toward the wildland urban interface).

The neighborhood guidelines also outline specific requirements for homes in Discovery West that help with fire mitigation, including greater side setbacks, use of fire-resistant construction materials, fire resistant landscaping materials and spacing between trees to reduce the risk of damage from wildfire. For more information on these measures, please watch our video below. Compliance with mitigation measures are managed by the Discovery West Home Owners Association (HOA). 

Discovery West is currently seeking interested owner residents to join the Firewise committee. Committee members will assist in pursuing Firewise USA status in 2023. Firewise USA is a voluntary program developed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) that provides a framework to help neighbors get organized and take action to increase the ignition resistance of their homes and community.

Discovery West Fire Mitigation Strategies and Practices

Living in the West, it’s increasingly important that we are mindful of wildfire behavior and techniques that can be employed to mitigate its impact.

The developers of Bend, Oregon neighborhood Discovery West take the real threat of wildfire seriously. That’s why we have certain requirements and standards for homes in Discovery West to help reduce the risk of homes being consumed in a wildfire.

Fire Consultant Craig Letz gives us a tour of a new home and points out the various strategies and practices used to help reduce the risk of fire. Our goal is to become a Firewise USA® Community.