Welcome to the neighborhood.

The Discovery West Homeowners’ Association is responsible for maintaining common areas and amenities, as well as managing and enforcing wildfire mitigation measures.  The most significant amenity will be a neighborhood gathering place incorporated into our Mixed Residential area in the core of Phase 4, called Discovery Corner.  This will serve as the community “local hangout”, surrounded by small retail operations in Live/Work townhomes.

Discover your new surroundings.

Throughout the neighborhood there will be a couple of pedestrian walkways connecting the core to Discovery Park.  These walkways are an example of common areas maintained by the Association.  And in keeping with our brand of Discovery, we plan to provide small art elements sprinkled throughout the neighborhood that inspire, delight and serve as a form of “discovery” for our residents.

Keeping our neighbors safe.

We are currently seeking owners to participate in the neighborhood Firewise Committee to assume the duties of wildfire mitigation education and activities, which will support the neighborhood gaining the Firewise Community USA designation.  The Association is ultimately responsible for managing wildfire mitigation measures in common areas, and enforcing the mitigation measures Homeowners are required to abide by on their lots.

Annual dues cover maintenance and operations and provide for reserves.
Visit the Discovery West Homeowner Association site on NabrNetwork to view governing documents, news and more. 

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