We invite you to the heart of the neighborhood, Discovery Corner. This 11,500 square foot plaza will be owned and managed by the owner’s association. A vibrant hub of the community, Discovery Corner will be the perfect place to meet friends and neighbors, stop on a bike ride home from Phil’s trail, or enjoy a picnic with family.

We anticipate seasonal, neighborhood events will take place in Discovery Corner. Additionally, six live-work townhomes front the plaza, providing storefront spaces for small businesses such as retail and dining.

The central feature of the plaza is a hand-forged “pinecone” fire sculpture, created by Oregon City metal artist, Jenny Ellsworth. This 6’ tall sculpture will offer visitors a cozy ambiance when the fire is going, and a cool artistic sculpture any time. Ample seat walls adorned with mosaic artwork by Bend’s Rochelle Schueler will surround the sculpture and provide a great hangout spot for residents and guests.

The features and amenities depicted herein are based upon current development plans which are subject to change without notice. 

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Construction began in late 2022 and is anticipated to be complete by October 2024.