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Sam Gammond of Abbot Butte Contracting has been working in the construction industry in Central Oregon for over twenty years, building relationships and cultivating the knowledge and experience that ensure your new home will stand up to the rigors of our climate, and provide the environment for your family to thrive.  With a dedicated emphasis on customer service and quality materials and craftsmanship, Sam utilizes his relationships within the industry and expertise in managing resources to create a home you will love.

Like many who spent their childhoods in Bend in the 1970s and ‘80s, Sam grew up playing and exploring on the land that became the lovely homesites in NorthWest Crossing and Discovery West.  This perspective shapes his relationship to the project and his ability to envision homes that are part of the environment and community.

With the retirement of his mentor and partner Tracy Thompson of Tyee Development, Sam has continued to build on the experience gained with Tracy.  Maintaining and building on the relationships with subcontractors and trades, and embracing many of the newer construction techniques and technologies allows Abbot Butte Contracting to build efficient and comfortable homes in our challenging climate.

The opportunity to be a part of the Discovery West Builder’s Guild is an honor and privilege that Sam doesn’t take lightly.  It’s a rare and enviable situation for a home builder to be a part of a development that allows smaller builders to be creative and flexible in the design and execution of both traditional and modern architecture in a community that values variety.

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