Surrounding Discovery Corner plaza, the ten 3-story live work townhomes will offer a luxurious respite for traveling visitors, with a variety of business storefronts below. Six of the units are located right on the plaza, with the remaining four located directly across the street from Discovery Corner.

The ground floor of each building is commercial space facing the plaza and accessible from the alleys behind the buildings.

The second and third stories include three-bedroom and two-bedroom units, designed for short-term vacation rentals, owned and managed by the developer, and soon offered through Avantstay. Inside, the units will be impeccably furnished for guests’ comfort. Private garage and driveway parking for the units will be behind the buildings, off the alley.

Interested in leasing one of these spaces and being part of our growing community? Contact Romy Mortensen for more information, 541-749-2919.

The features and amenities depicted herein are based upon current development plans which are subject to change without notice. 

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Construction is currently underway and is anticipated to be complete in summer 2024.