Skylark Children’s Academy: Nurturing the Future of Bend’s Little Learners

In the heart of Bend, Oregon, a dynamic mother-daughter duo, Virginia Goss and Erin Maigaard, are preparing to embark on an exciting venture. Skylark Children’s Academy, a family business with roots dating back nearly 40 years in California, has its sights set on the vibrant community of Bend. Virginia and Erin have nurtured this vision for three years, and as they await the final building permits, the dream is fast becoming a reality. 

Skylark is eager to open its doors to children aged 12 months to 5 years old in the fall of 2024, and its mission is simple yet profound: to empower little learners and inspire big leaders.

Virginia’s journey began four decades ago when she established a family business in California. Fast forward to 2015, when her daughter, Erin, joined the ranks of the family enterprise. At the time, they oversaw three different schools in California, exemplifying their commitment to education and childcare. However, their love for Bend and a recognition of the need for more childcare opportunities in the area fueled their desire to explore new horizons.

After careful consideration, they decided on the picturesque location in Discovery West. This decision was not arbitrary; it was based on the area’s proximity to three public schools, making it incredibly convenient for families. Additionally, the locale is teeming with nearby amenities and recreational opportunities. 

The Goss family’s experience designing and building schools from the ground up led them to choose this approach again. This time, they aim to create a space that intuitively caters to the needs of students and teachers, with thoughtful elements such as restroom fixtures designed for smaller humans. Skylark commits to creating an environment prioritizing accessibility and comfort, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

Skylark Children’s Academy also takes pride in its unique curriculum. Rather than adhering to a single national standard, they have developed a curriculum that blends the best elements from a variety of national curriculums. This approach ensures students receive a well-rounded education catering to their needs and interests. 

One of the standout features of Skylark Children’s Academy is its expansive 12,000-square-foot play yard. The school boasts a large outdoor space with play areas tailored to different age groups. This design ensures that children have the space and freedom to explore, play, and develop crucial motor skills while enjoying the beauty of the Bend outdoors.

The goal is to serve approximately 150 students, creating a close-knit community of learners and families. They are keen on fostering social-emotional learning and have chosen to participate in the Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots program, reinforcing their commitment to teaching compassion and environmental stewardship.

For families eager to be a part of this exciting educational journey, Skylark Children’s Academy has created an opportunity to stay informed about enrollment through its website here. This way, you can be among the first to know about the enrollment opportunities when they become available. Skylark will also be offering corporate packages for companies looking to help their employees secure quality child care. Interested parties can contact them through their website or by email at [email protected]

Skylark Children’s Academy is not merely a daycare or a preschool; it’s a place where children are nurtured, empowered, and inspired. As Virginia and Erin prepare to break ground this winter and open their doors in the fall of 2024, they bring with them a rich history of family commitment to education, an innovative approach to curriculum, and a profound desire to inspire compassionate, responsible, and academically curious young leaders in the beautiful city of Bend.