May is Wildfire Awareness Month: Resources for Bend Oregon

At Discovery West, building a safe and healthy community is one of our key priorities. That is why we’re committed to building the neighborhood to be a fire-resilient community incorporating landscape and construction measures that help prevent the spread of wildfire should it ever be near. Our plans include becoming a Firewise USA Community which provides the framework for neighbors to work together to protect their properties from fire.

This means that Wildfire Awareness Month takes on special meaning for us. In fact, Discovery West will host a Fire Free Debris Drop Site during the weekends of May 9-10, 16-17 and 23-24. On these days, the public can drop off yard debris recycling for free. These include grass clippings, brush, plant prunings, pine needles, pine cones, weeds, trimmings and branches, and stumps or trees (no larger than 12” diameter). The drop site cannot accept: sod, dirt, rocks, lumber, metal, trash or plastics of any kind, including plastic bags. Access to the drop site is on Skyliners Road at the construction entrance to Discovery West, just past Miller Elementary School. You can find out more here:

  • Many different organizations around the state of Oregon are conducting different campaigns and activities to help encourage the public to create defensible space around homes this spring and prevent the start of careless, unwanted wildfires. You can stay up to date by visiting Keep Oregon Green, and the Oregon Department of Forestry at
  • Oregon State University Extension Fire Program is hosting free wildlife preparedness webinars on May 8, May 15 and May 22. The events will directly address challenges in our current environment, along with in-depth educational content for preparedness and prevention.
  • If you are looking for ways to help educate kids about wildfire prevention, we love some of the resources that have been published by the Office of the State Fire Marshal. There are some practical forms you can download, such as a Home Fire Safety Checklist and a couple of fun projects, including a paper airplane template that has some educational material included.

When we all work together we will find out that Smokey the Bear had it right: Only You (and your community!) Can Prevent Wildfires. Let’s commit to creating a safe Central Oregon during Wildfire Awareness Month.