National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day: Meet Future Discovery West resident “Biggie”

In honor of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day on April 30, 2022, we are profiling “Biggie” one of our future residents in Discovery West. He and his other four human family members are moving to the neighborhood soon, and he’s ready to make new friends (including the squirrels) when he becomes a resident of our Bend Oregon neighborhood.

When the Lyons family needed a little more “chaos” in their lives during the long days of the pandemic, they decided to adopt Biggie from the Humane Society of the Ochocos in Prineville about a year ago. He was brought over from a shelter in Texas where he was living an adventurous life on the streets. At about two years old, his dad Jay Lyons of Compass Commercial Real Estate, said he’s “mildly” behaved and still puppy-like.

The Lyons knew Biggie was right for their family, which includes two young daughters, when he was immediately eager to take them along for fast walks in the neighborhood (he walks his people, they don’t walk him). His quick connection with his human sisters, and his tolerance of their “vet check-ups” with their doctor kit, snuggles in his dog bed, and belly rubs sealed the deal. All his humans love him dearly.

Biggie loves squirrels, attention, and eating off the counter.  He dislikes cats and loud trucks, which his family think are both remnant memories of his life on the streets in Texas. He is looking forward to meeting all the squirrels in Discovery West when the Lyons move to their new home. Jay says, “Biggie could spend all day watching and stalking squirrels from the back door and the yard. We are confident he will love his short commute to the dog park and hope he doesn’t try running there on his own when given the chance.  He will sniff every corner of the new streets and introduce himself to all the dogs and people.  He is excited to make new friends (as are we!).”