Next Door Neighbor: Healthcare Services Near Discovery West

Central Oregon is known as a healthcare hub for the entire region, with specialized medicine, alternative care and top-notch clinics and hospitals. Identifying the healthcare services that you and your family need, that are also close by, is an important part of choosing where to live.  Luckily, we have mapped out healthcare services near Discovery West –  from family clinics to mental healthcare and even physical therapists. 

Here are few providers near the neighborhood:  

Family Health Care

  • West Bend Family Medicine – Care for the whole family, providing medical care for all ages from pediatric to adult. 
  • Hearthside Medicine – Family and primary care with an integrative focus including women’s health, men’s health, pediatrics, and chronic conditions. 

Child Health Care 

  • COPA – Physician owned and managed practice providing comprehensive care for kids. 
  • Elemental Eye Care – Central Oregon’s pediatric vision clinic specializing in optometric vision and eye health evaluations, vision therapy for binocular vision dysfunctions, sports vision training and neuro- optometric rehabilitation (brain injury, traumatic birth) for all ages.
  • OHSU Casey Eye Institute Elks Children’s Eye Clinic, Bend –  The Elks Children’s Eye Clinic is the Division of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Adult Strabismus at OHSU Casey Eye Institute with specialists that care for a child’s eye health and treat adult strabismus.
  • Autism Treatment CenterResearch-based and parent-delivered treatment for children with autism. 

Primary Health Care

  • High Lakes Health Care (Two locations – Shevlin Park & Upper Mill) – a local, independent healthcare practice with primary care doctors, family nurse practitioners and more.
  • My MD – Concierge medicine practiced by MyMD Personal Medicine offers highly personalized medical services with immediate access to your internal medicine physician.
  • Dr. Jeanne Young/Chiropractic Neurologist – Treats neuromusculoskeletal disorders, serves as a primary care provider for patients offering lab, imaging studies or referral for other diagnostic tests as needed to solve difficult and complicated cases.


Orthopedic and Neurosurgical Care

  • The Center: Orthopedic and Neurosurgical Care & Research – Offers orthopedics, sports medicine, pediatric orthopedics, total joint replacement, physical medicine and rehabilitation, x-ray, and NOWcare walk-in injury clinic, enabling our patients access to urgent care for fractures, sprains, on-the-job injuries, concussions and acute injuries. 

Mental Health Care

  • Evolve Health – Traditional medical services, mental health clinic services, and other treatments that are designed to help you restore and optimize your health. 
  • Thrive Mental Health Therapy – Provides therapy, mental healthcare and counseling for children, teens, adults, families and couples. 
  • Bend Anxiety Clinic – Evidence-based, cognitive behavioral, and exposure therapy treatments for anxiety and depression.  

Naturopathic & Functional Health Care 

Physical Therapy 

  • GroundWork Physical Therapy – Physical therapy and wellness programs. 
  • NorthWest Crossing Chiropractic and Health Center –  A chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist and a doctor of naturopathy at this center look after your overall well-being. 
  • Rode Physical Therapy – Patient-centered rehabilitation facility where the mission is to facilitate your recovery to maximize your autonomy and quality of life. The treatments are dynamic, innovative, effective, and always patient-specific.

Plastic Surgery


  • Bend Dermatology ClinicTreating skin cancer to cosmetic dermatology to managing everyday skin, hair, and nail conditions.

Whatever your health and wellness needs may be, you don’t have to travel far from Discovery West to find the right provider. Please note, this list is subject to change and we do not claim to have listed every single medical business in the area.