Roundabout Books: Discovery West’s (Next Door) Neighborhood Bookstore and Cafe

Throughout the past several months of the pandemic, one theme that has moved to the forefront of many people’s minds is the strengthened sense of community.  We’re lucky in Discovery West to have a “sister neighborhood” with a huge number of amenities that support our community, including many small business resources. One of those resources is Roundabout Books & Café.


In our newest video, we interview bookstore owner Cassie Clemans, about her business vision and the relationship her business has with the surrounding community. Over the past five years, she has gotten to know residents (and even their pets) and other small business owners in NorthWest Crossing’s thriving business district.  


She touches on the benefit of being centrally located with many homes, three schools, parks and trails all part of the area. She says this activity surrounding the store creates another layer of positive energy and a holistic atmosphere in a hyper-local setting.  The video covers the opportunities that arise when a community empowers its members to explore and discover, whether they are longtime residents or new to the area.


Having small businesses like Roundabout Books just next door to Discovery West is part of our vision for a livable, welcoming community. We love that these local business owners create fostering environments that invite people to come be a part of it.