Builder Profile: SunWest Builders

This month we are spotlighting SunWest Builders, a staple in the Central Oregon construction community for the last four decades. President and owner, Steve Buettner, began his work in the region in the mid-1980s and the company quickly established a reputation for constructing quality built projects that stand the test of time. Building relationships and a product that meets the highest standard of quality has been the key to building a successful, long-lasting business. Throughout the years, SunWest Builders has developed an expansive and complete knowledge of the construction market in Central Oregon. We are pleased to have them as part of our Builders Guild in Discovery West. We sat down and asked them a few questions about their work in the neighborhood:

What do you like about the concept of building out Discovery West?

We appreciate working with a great development company that provides unique and interesting variation of product with a high level of quality in a diverse neighborhood experience.

How do you approach the homes you build in the neighborhood? 

We enjoy the freedom to be creative in designing our own product under positive development guidelines for all builders.  Due to the current market, early purchases of our homes create a more custom project as we include the owner early on in the process at purchase.

What made you interested in being part of the Builders Guild in the neighborhood?

Partnering with the Discovery West team to create a consistent, unique and livable community that allows us to diversify and expand our construction portfolio and style was very appealing to us.

Why do you think the neighborhood is so popular with homebuyers? 

Location, access to outdoor activities, diverse home styles in a well-thought-through neighborhood are some of the biggest pros we see. Homeowners have a great selection of builders with an array of designers and styles to select from which creates a unique and diverse community that is very desirable.

Now that the neighborhood is starting to take shape, is it what you expected? Why? 

Yes.  We have been building in Discovery West from the start and it has stayed consistent to the developer’s intent and our original expectations, offering unity amongst a diverse pool of builders while offering unique variations of high-quality homes within the Discovery West neighborhood.

What are some key changes you’ve witnessed over the past few years? How does this give you a unique perspective?

Increase in cost and availability of homes has created an elevated market with higher expectations with reduced availability to resources. Now more than ever, it requires good communication and early planning. Our longevity in the community and the relationships that we have built have allowed us to utilize a wide range of resources, and materials that keep us on track, delivering a product that we are proud of.

“We are proud to be a part of the community and excited to continue our participation in the development for years to come.”