Builder Profile: Leader Builders

This month’s Builder Spotlight for Discovery West shines on Leader Builders, an award-winning Bend, Oregon construction company that has been honored several times in the annual COBA Tour of Homes, including Green Home Builder of the Year and several others. Made up of a father-son team, Dennis and Ryder Szigeti, the company is rooted in decades of experience. With a focus on high-end custom homes, the Leader Builders team offers a wide variety of different architectural styles but they especially focus on mid-century modern homes. Check out our interview with them below!

What do you like about working in Discovery West? 

We enjoy building in Discovery West because we understand it is one of the most sought after developments in Central Oregon, which opens up opportunities for us. Working in the neighborhood also allows us to build some of the highest quality homes in the area, which is something we specialize in and for which we are recognized.

How do you approach the homes you build in the neighborhood? 

We build both custom and spec homes, and think this approach is a good balance for our business. We get a blend of our pursuing our own creative liberties with specs and the ability to create working relationships with the homeowners on the custom projects we build.

What made you interested in being part of the Builders Guild in the neighborhood?

We wanted to be part of the Builder’s Guild because we understand that it’s a well respected entity that comes with prestige, high quality craftsmanship and integrity. All of which we take pride in as a business.

Why do you think the neighborhood is so popular with homebuyers? 

People live in Central Oregon for a number of key reasons, and Discovery West is a desirable neighborhood to live in because it provides so many of the appealing aspects that people are seeking. It’s located near schools, mountains, rivers, downtown, the Old Mill and has easy access to all the region has to offer.  All while living in some of the most well-built, beautiful homes in the area.

Now that the neighborhood is starting to take shape, is it what you expected?
It is similar to what we expected. We heard that the developers had a vision to create an expansion to what was developed in NorthWest Crossing (NWX), which we all know has been wildly popular. As Discovery West takes shape,  you can tell that the aesthetic remains similar to NWX while building Discover West’s own unique identity. Of course, there is still a lot more development that is going to take place over the next couple years, but we are excited to be part of that journey as it takes place.

What are some key changes you’ve witnessed in your industry/real estate/building/etc over the past few years? How does this give you a unique perspective? 

Oh boy, where to start?! After being in the industry for many decades, you see your share of ups and downs. Perhaps the most significant thing on our minds right now are the recent big changes related to the volatile cost of materials, massive price increases, and the fact that many materials are becoming much more challenging to obtain. Lead times and costs have both grown with each passing month, and it has been a major adjustment for builders across the industry. This reality has complicated our jobs as contractors. There has been a lot of discussion about inflation and the impact it has had on the economy. With construction, you see all these aspects unfold on a grander scale. However, if you’ve been at the business long enough, you also know how to roll with the punches. There will always be ebbs and flows that affect construction and the housing market, and we always get through successfully by focusing on what we do best: creating high-quality homes.