Builder Profile: Greg Welch Construction

This month kicks off our new series of builder spotlights, featuring our Discovery West Builders Guild members – local construction companies that were selected for their commitment to quality and to our vision for a vibrant, livable community. Unlike many developments, Discovery West does not have set floor plans or model homes. Instead, when each phase is complete, we sell ready-to-build lots to builders who are part of the Guild. Featured below is an interview with Greg Welch, owner of Greg Welch Construction (GWC), which specializes in building custom homes. 

GWC was founded based on Greg’s passion for “home” – starting as a child when he explored homes and imagined the people who lived there, what their lives were like, what they did for fun and leisure. Later, Greg studied under true master carpenters, designers and builders, learning the trade from the pros from the inside out. Today, Greg has been creating beautiful, finely crafted homes for real families for nearly two decades. His commitment to quality building still begins and ends with an interest in the people who live in his homes—people who are also his friends and neighbors. GWC is founded on four key pillars: people-centric homes; enduring craftsmanship; green building; and neighborhood (like Discovery West!).

We sat down with him to talk a little bit about his experience in Discovery West so far.

What do you like about the concept of building out Discovery West?
I had 20 great years of building in NorthWest Crossing, and working closely with the developers and builders to create a successful, award-winning neighborhood was a great experience. Many of the same folks that developed NorthWest Crossing are also involved in the development of Discovery West and I was happy to be able to work closely with this great team of people again. Discovery West is following a similar format, and I’m looking forward to many great years of building homes in this new community. 

How do you approach the homes you build in the neighborhood? GWC loves to fulfill the vision of the “end-user” of each home and we design fabulous homes for each unique lot. I really enjoy spending time on the lot prior to building and coming up with a plan that will really benefit the family that moves into the home. Many times our clients say how amazing it is that we designed the spec home exactly the way they would have wanted it. 

Why do you think the neighborhood is so popular with homebuyers?
Discovery West has an awesome location, very close to many of the great amenities of Bend. The community that is being developed here will be one that people will love to be a part of. I have lived in NorthWest Crossing myself for nearly 20 years and I am really grateful to have raised my family there. We had some amazing fun times with such great neighbors and I see Discovery West becoming the same type of neighborhood that will be enjoyed by many for years to come!

Now that the neighborhood is starting to take shape, is it what you expected? Why?
Discovery West is becoming such a great place as the first few phases get completed and the newer phases are taking shape. The central community area, “Discovery Corner,” is being developed right now and once that takes shape then things will really take off with a great place for all to gather and come together as a community.

What are some key changes you’ve witnessed in your industry/real estate/building/etc over the past few years? How does this give you a unique perspective?
Living and working near the community in which we are building has been great, as we really get to know the folks that move in, along with those looking to become residents. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to raise my family, plus the opportunity to work with such great clients who have really helped me grow over the years.