Discovery West Builder Profile: JD Neel Construction

Our featured builder this month is JD Neel Construction, Inc. Jason Neel has been in the home construction industry for over 25 years as a framing contractor and home builder. Since 1994, JD Neel Construction Inc. has a proven record of excellence in designing and managing building and construction projects in Central Oregon. Jason takes much pride in the neighborhoods he has had the opportunity to build homes in. The team at JD Neel Construction, Inc. ensures that homeowners don’t spend a fortune to get the look and quality they deserve. We hope you enjoy getting to know Jason and his company better through our interview with him!

What do you like about the concept of building out Discovery West?

The variety of homes has made this neighborhood stand out in my opinion. Large custom homes, single family homes, townhomes, cottages, and mixed commercial. The guidelines builders and homeowners must follow are creating a neighborhood anyone would be proud to live in for years to come.


How do you approach the homes you build in the neighborhood? 

Effective planning is crucial to the successful completion of any project. Our team of experts assess your goals before starting the project and provide an estimate and timeline for completing your home. From beginning to end we like having the homeowner involved every step of the way.


What made you interested in being part of the Builders Guild in the neighborhood?

I had great success working with the same developers in NorthWest Crossing. I was honored to be asked to be part of the Builders Guild in Discover West. Participating in a neighborhood like this from the beginning and watch it grow into one of Bend’s finest communities is a dream come true for a company.


Why do you think the neighborhood is so popular with homebuyers? 

Location and easy access to town and to all the outside activities Bend has to offer. The developers have a lot of respect in Central Oregon. They do their research to find out what homeowners are looking for. I think another big draw are the amenities that Discover West offers: from parklands to the community plaza and trails, there is something for everyone.  


Now that the neighborhood is starting to take shape, is it what you expected? Why? 

Yes. When the development team has a vision, they take all the needed steps to make sure it comes to life. This neighborhood is no exception. From the variety of home styles to the thought that went in to Discovery Corner and commercial space, they are creating a wonderful community to be proud of. 


What are some key changes you’ve witnessed in your industry/real estate/building/etc over the past few years? How does this give you a unique perspective?

  1. Energy building practices are probably one of the biggest changes over the last 30 years. From the type of insulation available, to the energy heel on our trusses, to the improvement with our windows and exterior door to the way solar works today, energy practices have improved drastically compared to the beginning in my career.
  2. There has been an increase in the types of finish products available from LVP flooring to engineered hardwoods, from granite counter tops now to quartz countertops.
  3. The innovations on comfort living for our homes has come a long way in 30 years.
  4. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how our costs have continued to go up year after year especially in the past 3 to 4 years. 


Overall, my perspective on the home building industry is seeing dedication to continually building a better home than we built the year before. As our technology continues to change, so will the building industry. I believe one of the biggest challenges we face is the affordability of our homes as we continue to strive for a more efficient way to build. Our company will always work to give our clients the very best product for the most affordable price available.