A Day in the Life of Discovery West’s Discovery Pod Sales Center

We wanted to get an “on the ground” perspective from some of the real estate agents from Harcourts The Garner Group who have been spending time in the Discovery Pod sales center on site in the neighborhood, Susan and Greg Breitenbach. We asked them not only about working in the unique space that is the Pod – a “tiny home” built by Portland’s TIny Heirloom – but also what visitors are asking about and excited about when it comes to Discovery West. 


How are you finding working from the Pod versus a more traditional office or open house? What do visitors say about the space? 

Greg and Susan:  Working in the pod gives us the opportunity to show visitors all the exciting changes that are happening daily and they can see it firsthand with all the construction of new homes just outside. We can direct clients to view homes that are under construction and available for purchase and lots that are coming available in future phases. That creates a lot of excitement for us at Harcourts and our clients. 


People really are amazed that the pod has all the amenities in it that it does. They think it’s well designed with the small kitchen area and restroom. Additionally, they really enjoy seeing the interactive maps of the neighborhood and the master plans for future development phases. It gives potential buyers the opportunity to sit down with a Harcourts agent and get all of their questions answered regarding the process of finding their new home in Discovery West.


What do you think prospective homeowners are excited about when it comes to Discovery West?

Greg: The clients that are coming to visit Susan and I at the Discovery Pod sales center are very interested in getting updates on what is going on with the neighborhood. They are looking at the new neighborhood for themselves and for family and friends that might be thinking about moving to Bend. Many people that stop in have family members that would like to move to Bend. 


With all the demand for homes in Bend right now, home buyers are excited to see this new neighborhood with its proximity to the amenities of NorthWest Crossing and all of the outdoor activities such as the Phil’s trail system and Shevlin Park. They love the Discovery West trail system, parks and the walkability/bikeability of the neighborhood. Buyers love that this is not just another cookie cutter neighborhood, that it will have a lot of diversity in home styles and the whole feel of the new neighborhood.


What are some other reasons people are considering Discovery West as a new place to call home? 

Susan: A lot of the people that are coming from out of town enjoy the small town feel of Bend and the lack of commute time. Most are coming from places where they have to sit in traffic for hours and say that they will not miss that aspect of their daily commutes if they move. We are also hearing a lot of people that are now able to work remotely because of the changes due to the pandemic. They have chosen to live in Bend and work from home so they can take advantage of the Bend, Oregon lifestyle.