Earth Advantage and the Bend, Oregon neighborhood of Discovery West

Just in time to celebrate Earth Day, we have released a new video about Earth Advantage, a nonprofit organization that provides third-party sustainability certification for residential buildings. The program tests homes against energy efficiency, air quality and other specific green building standards that are well ahead of building code – ultimately resulting in high-performing, quality homes. This certification is required for all homes in Discovery West.

For our new video, we interview Matt Douglas from the organization and talk to him about green building practices and how obtaining third-party verification like this is beneficial not only from a sustainability standpoint, but also to the homeowner.

He covers a little bit about the history of Earth Advantage and its five sustainability pillars of energy, land, health, materials and water. These are used to measure the overall efficiency of the home. The video covers the specifics of what it takes to meet the requirements of each of these pillars, and how the Earth Advantage team tests and measures them.

In Discovery West, our vision is to create a healthy, livable community and building to Earth Advantage standards is a huge part of reaching this goal.