Kitchens: Discover the Heart of Discovery West Homes

In Discovery West, the kitchens are not merely places to cook; they are reflections of a lifestyle—different expressions of modern living. These kitchens redefine the heart of every home, inviting residents to savor the joys of daily living in a functional and inspiring space. Join Valerie Vost, Director of Marketing, on a tour of four types of gourmet kitchens found in the Discovery West community. Learn more about these functional, vibrant, and unique kitchens here.

Light and Bright: 

These Discovery West kitchens are bathed in natural light, creating an atmosphere of freshness and vitality. The predominant use of timeless, white cabinets forms a backdrop of simplicity, accented by the playfulness of nobs and backsplash details. This combination transforms the space into a canvas of brightness and style. These kitchens are classic and never go out of style. 

Sleek and Modern: 

Embracing a sleek and modern design, these kitchens feature laminate cabinets with flat fronts, ensuring both style and practicality. The simplicity of design extends to easy-to-clean surfaces, while pantry doors adorned with barn doors add a rustic touch. Stainless steel and nickel accents contribute to the overall contemporary vibe.

Warm and Industrial: 

Balancing modernity with warmth, these Discovery West kitchens feature custom cabinets and oven hoods crafted from warm wood. Organic features and black accents further enhance the inviting and cozy ambiance, creating an industrial yet comforting atmosphere for family and friends. 

Function and Color: 

Infusing a burst of color, the cabinets in these Discovery West kitchens are a vibrant celebration of individuality. The large island takes center stage, serving as a visual and functional focal point close to the kitchen, sink, and oven. The colorful cabinets and sleek accents add a playful and dynamic touch to the space.

At the heart of most kitchens in Discovery West is the expansive island—a versatile masterpiece designed for preparation, seating, and hosting. Positioned strategically, it becomes the nucleus, connecting the kitchen, sink, and oven. These grand islands contribute to more storage in the kitchen and house a wine fridge for all to enjoy. This is where functionality meets socializing, creating a dynamic space for culinary adventures. 

Whether you’re whipping up a culinary masterpiece or simply enjoying a cup of coffee, these kitchens are a testament to the idea that the heart of every home lies where meals are created, memories are made, and life unfolds. Welcome to the heart of Discovery West living.