New hiking and biking trails planned around Bend, OR’s Discovery West neighborhood

We know that one of the primary reasons people love the Central Oregon region is its vast outdoor recreation opportunities, with many people accessing recreational activities with our extensive trail system. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that several new trails are in the works in our Bend, Oregon neighborhood of Discovery West. Yep: we will be home to several trails that will connect to the greater westside trail system.

You can view details in the two maps recently released by Bend Parks and Recreation (see below). On the maps, you will see two primary trails in our future: Discovery Trail, which connects to existing trails in Discovery Park and carries on to the west of the neighborhood toward Skyliner’s Road; and Manzanita Trail which provides multiple points of connectivity from Discovery West to the northwest. 

Also indicated on the map are plans for several acres of open spaces and a new neighborhood park!

**Timing for the new trails and other amenities is to be determined, and all conceptual plans are subject to change. 

Phases One through Three plan for Discovery West trails – click for detail

Large Master Plan for greater recreational trails – click for detail