Skipper’s Guide to Leash Laws and Trail Etiquette

Hey there, fellow canines and trusty human companions! It’s Skipper, Discovery West’s Spokesdog! If you’re like me, you love nothing more than hitting the trails and exploring all the great outdoors options in and around Bend. But before we embark on our next adventure, let’s talk about something super important: leash laws and trail etiquette.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Leashes? Rules? Boring! But trust me, understanding and following these guidelines not only keeps us safe but also ensures that everyone—both two-legged and four—can enjoy our beautiful trails together.

Leash Laws

First things first, let’s chat about leash laws. Here in Bend, leashes aren’t just a suggestion; they’re the law! And for good reason. While we may be friendly and well-behaved (obviously), not all of our furry friends are, and some people (and their pets) may not feel comfortable around us off-leash. So, unless we’re in a designated off-leash area, it’s leash on, pals!

 But fear not, being on-leash doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. It just means we need to stay close to our humans and show off our impeccable leash manners. Plus, being on-leash keeps us from getting into any trouble (like chasing squirrels—we’ve all been there).

Trail Etiquette

Now, on to trail etiquette. Picture this: we’re out on the trail, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and we’re having the time of our lives. Suddenly, we come across another hiker or biker. What do we do? Simple! We step to the side of the trail with our humans and let them pass. Easy, right? 

Oh, and speaking of passing, let’s talk about that for a sec. When we see someone coming towards us on the trail, it’s polite to move to the right and let them pass on the left. Think of it as a little dance—we move, they move, and before you know it, we’re back to enjoying our walks.

Leave No Trace

Last but not least, let’s talk about leaving no trace. As much as we love nature, it’s important to respect it too. That means no littering, staying on the designated trails, and, of course, picking up after ourselves. Yep, that means having your human bag up our poop and carry it out. It’s not the most glamorous part of our adventures, but hey, it’s the responsible thing to do.

So there you have it, pals. A few tips to ensure that we dogs and our humans will enjoy Bend’s trails safely and respectfully. So let’s leash up, hit the trails, and show the world how pawsome we can be!