Discovery West Builder Profile: Structure Development NW

Working with Structure Development NW has been a natural fit for Discovery West, and we’re proud to feature them in our Builder Spotlight this month! Emphasizing consistency and attention to detail, this team offers a multi-faceted experience incorporating land development, project management, home building, and interior design. Our interview with them only made us appreciate having them part of the Builder’s Guild even more.

What do you like about the concept of building out Discovery West?

We’re really attracted to the variety of lot classifications within the community. Specifically, this means we can design homes that are alley-loaded which allows us to maximize curb appeal because there is no visible garage, or we can build an interesting larger home on a front-loaded lot. Additionally, we’re partnering with another builder in the Guild to produce townhomes in the Discovery Corner area of the neighborhood. This diversity of product creation is exciting for our team and for prospective homebuyers to have multiple living style choices. 

How do you approach the homes you build in the neighborhood?

We’re currently building spec homes in Discovery West. This approach gives us freedom and flexibility to showcase new design trends and to run a highly efficient construction schedule. When we build spec homes, we also have the ability to draft a floorplan that maximizes each property’s unique characteristics. We are very intentional about design and positioning on the lots, which is foundational in every project. 

What made you interested in being part of the Builder’s Guild in the neighborhood?

We’ve been a part of the NWX Builder’s Guild since 2010, and it’s a natural progression to continue being part of this strong group of peers in Discovery West. The Builder’s Guild ultimately helps us produce the best possible product for our homebuyers because we’re able to share information with other builders specific to contractors, techniques, and challenges. The camaraderie of the Builder’s Guild creates a sense of community even before homebuyers move in. 

Why do you think the neighborhood is so popular with homebuyers?

The master-planned community has so much to offer in addition to the appealing architectural diversity as mentioned before. The open spaces, parks, trails, commercial area, and proximity to schools paired with Discovery West’s ideal location in northwest Bend makes it very desirable. 

Now that the neighborhood is starting to take shape, is it what you expected? Why?

Discovery West is taking shape exactly as we expected thanks to Brooks Resources and Tennent Developments being the best in the business, in our opinion. We’ve worked together multiple times since 2010 and can always rely on them to be on point with development standards and consistency. It makes such a difference working in a community of professionals, and we’re grateful to be part of the team bringing Discovery West to life.